* Who we are *

I have been working on getting a
Christian band up and running where its
music honors and glorifies God. So far
it's just my buddy {Trystin Zier} Our
newest member {Dylan McMahen}  and I
{Josh Snyder}.  We have had the
privilege to perform one of my newest
songs over our local radio. I believe that
this is just the beginning for something
great for Christ! We have a youtube
channel and have some of our songs
posted on there including the one
performed on the radio. To find this
song search "The One Who Loves Josh
Snyder-Forgiven." Let me know what
you think.   Well that is pretty much us.
Check us out on youtube and
googleplus. Thanks and God bless :)
Under construction :]
We are working on
getting some of our
music professionally
recorded sometime
soon. When we do i
will post it on this site.
" We Sing Because
Josh Snyder {Left} Trystin
Zier {Middle}
Dylan Mcmahen {Right}
We are planning on having a full
concert sometime in mid May or
June. ( I will update when we
verify that it's a go. )   God bless