A Little About
"Me" :D
Email me at: jcs9657@gmail.com

Google.com/plus/Josh Snyder
Hi I'm Josh Snyder. Let me
tell you a little bit about
myself. First of all i am a
Christian. I accepted Jesus as
my Lord and Saviour when i
was five years old back in
2004. I am now 15 years old.
I love to sing and play guitar.
I would love to record music
professionally some time. I
work at McDonald's :-]  I
love to be with friends and
love riding my skate bored!    

Well that pretty much my
life. Check out the other
links on the site and let me
know what you think and
what i can do to improve it.
You can also find me on  
"Google Plus".
My Friend Derrek and I
Me and my skate bored.
One of my guitars
Me playing my guitar
Me and a Flag-football
freak accident
Just me
Camp walk