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August 1 2020,
Walmart Great Falls smelter Avenue two employees told me I would not be served there
without a mask but they did not impede my walking through the store.
I am convinced the health risks are greater breathing a petri dish of moist bacteria strap to
your face and breathing in 20% of your own carbon monoxide each breath.
A professional guitar player will tell you that guitar strings are good for about eight hours
of professional play ask the next emergency room doctor how many times he uses the
same N95 surgery mask.
Governor Bullock sadly is not the one taking away our personal responsibility for our health and our liberties.  We
as Montanans are voluntarily giving away our economy, our religion and recreation, and our children's prosperity  
and pursuit of happiness when we hand over/ surrender our liberty and personal responsibility.
I understand Donald Trump said wearing masks is patriotic.  That's because the news has everyone scared with
the graphic of a Covid-19 molecule larger than the newscaster like some horror movie preview when a cloth mask
slows down covid-19 like a chain link fence slows down mosquitoes.
The CDC has even come clear that this year they changed the way they call flu deaths. So there is no distinction if
you die of a heart attack WITH covid-19 or BY covid-19, or just covid-19 symptoms present not even confirming
a positive text.  Covid-19 deaths are now counted as PIC pneumonia influenza covid-19 symptoms.
Do the Math.  Even with so called 150,000 deaths in a country of 350 million thats a 1 in 2000 chance the Covid
Flu will be fatal.  Cigarette deaths number 480,000 annually.  The previous-generation handed us prosperity and
Liberty what will we hand the Next Generation?

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